Ukrainian Mayonnaise Salads

Combine any ingredients from the list below (or others you want to try) with enough mayonnaise to “hold” the mixture together, but not to dominate the taste of the salad. The secret to preparing these salads is to dice the ingredients finely enough to create interesting blends of flavors.

diced cooked potatoes
diced onions
finely sliced green onions
diced or grated marinated beets
diced krab sticks
diced or grated carrots
finely chopped walnuts
diced cooked eggs
diced dill pickles
rinsed canned peas or corn
rinsed canned beans
minced or smashed garlic
diced fresh apples/pears
sliced marinated mushrooms
diced kilbasa or other meat
finely chopped parsley or dill
salt and pepper to taste

You may also add chopped cooked or smoked fish, foul or meat to make a nice light meal with sliced bread.

Mayonnaise dish warning notice: Once you prepare these salads, refrigerate immediately until serving. Once served, do not let stand for longer than 4 hours in order to prevent food poisoning. And if you are served these salads at a summer wedding or other celebration, consider how long the salad was sitting in the sun before you dig in.

Bon Appetit!

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