Suggestions for Your Ukrainian Kitchen

Obvious items like pots, pans and utensils are essential for setting up your own Ukrainian kitchen. However, a few small additions will make your culinary life easier in Ukraine:
·                     A hand-crank meat grinder (for canning and dishes that require grinding vegetables and meat)
·                     A garlic press (a big time-saver)
·                     A vegetable/potato peeler (for obvious reasons)
·                     A small mortar and pestle (for grinding peppercorns and whole spices)
·                     A potato-masher (may double as a laundry-tool!)
·                     A rolling pin (for vareneky, pizza dough and pastry crust)
·                     A meat-tenderizer (for carnivores)
·                     A wooden mandolin (a vegetable slicing device for cutting cabbage)
·                     A wire whisk (for beating eggs, batters and sauces)
·                     A good, sharp knife (to make life easier)

·                     An oven thermometer (so your cookies do not burn)

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